Zoo Pride

Unleash the power of being part of a nurturing group!

Lions are the only species of cats that form social groups. These groups are called a pride. Lions hunt larger prey in their prides and feast on the rewards together. In other words, the combined power of lions working together in their pride is what helps them thrive.

When you join Zoo Pride, you gain membership into this very special donor group. As a member, your generosity helps us have the resources to grow, offer exceptional care to our animals, provide educational programs, and make a positive impact on species and habitats worldwide. By having you in our pride, we’re able to take on bigger challenges and generate more meaningful (and impactful) outcomes.

Sahara Level – $1,200
Includes complimentary admission to Denver Zoo for up to 8 guests per visit, behind-the-scenes Tour for 2, 10 Complimentary passes for the Conservation Carousel or train, invitation to Zoo Lights preview, recognition in the annual report, recognition on the Donor Wall
Gobi Level – $2,500
Includes same benefits as $1,200 level and Behind-the-Scenes Tour for up to 4 people, Limited Edition Lion Paw Print 11”X17”
Kalahari – $5,000
Includes same as $2,500 level and Behind-the-Scenes Tour for up to 6 people, Guided Tour
Savanna – $10,000
Includes same as $5,000 level and Lunch with an Animal Curator or Conservation Leader
Serengeti – $25,000
Includes same as $10,000 level and Lunch with Zoo Executive

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Josie Stewart

Josie Stewart

Gift Planning Manager


Marianna DiVietro

Marianna DiVietro

Director of Major Gifts and Annual Fund